What does it mean to get a Massage now?

Once you have selected a therapist within a 10-mile radius of your location and your payment has been processed, you're massage is scheduled for 45 minutes from the time of payment processing. However, your can begin as soon as you can get there. 

How do I find massage therapists available now in my area?

Enter your zip code to view available therapists within a 10-mile radius of your current location or entered zip code.

How do I pay for my massage service?

As soon as you select a massage service and therapist, you will be automatically directed to our payment portal where you may pay by credit or debit card.  Payments are processed via Stripe payment portal. 

Can a get a massage in my home, office or hotel?

Sorry, Massage Now’s competitive pricing is based on massage services taking place at the independant massage therapists’ facilities.

What if I want to book another massage with a Massage Now therapist?

The massage therapists on this site are Independent contractors and are not employed by Massage Now, so you are free to book with them directly for any subsequent sessions when you are able to plan your appointment farther ahead of time.  And return to Massage Now for on-demand services.


How do I sign up to be Massage Now Therapist?

Go to the Join Now page and complete some brief, initial information.  Once your active license and location have been verified, you will be prompted to complete a profile and enter banking info so we can pay you.  After completion, you can turn your availability button ON and you’re ready to recieve new massage clients. 

How do I show my availability?

Just login and turn your availability button ON. When a client books a massage service with you, your availability with automatically switch to OFF. When you are finished with the massage, simple turn your availability back ON when you are ready to recieve your next client. 

When do I get paid for my massage services?

Massage Now has a one week pay cycle. We use Stripe Payment Portal which is one of the largest payment processing with over a million clients in over 120 countries. After you Join Massage Now, you will be prompted to setting up an account in Stripe so that Stripe can deposit your massage fees directly into your bank account. Massage Now does not have or retain any of your banking information.